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World War 2 : Open Games

Re-enact WW2 over 4 theatres : Pacific, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe. Missions oppose allies factions (USA, UK, Russia) to axis factions (Japan, Germany) and focus on simple infantry combat to more complex operations combining tanks and planes.

Master word is authenticity, therefore, no moddern functionnality and a very few number of radios.

When do we play ?

We play every Thursday at 9PM Paris time.
Before 8PM : Don’t forget to resynchronize with A3Sync, some updates can be done late - try your setup on the test server
8:30 PM Begin connecting to teamspeak / game server
9:05 PM : Mission start
The game will start at 9:05 PM. If you were late and not updated, we’re sorry for you, you’ll be able to catch up at the break between the two games, and you will come and test earlier next times :).

Test Server

Password : 1944

A3 Sync

Event and modset : [BG21] WW2 Open Games If you don’t have our repository or don’t know how to use A3 Sync, please read the beignner guide