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When one participates to any Battlegroup 21 Open Games, one agrees to respect those simple rules.

Well being rules

  • No insults.
  • No discrimination towards sex, age, gender, health status, social or geographical origin.
  • Support or diffuse the totalitarian ideology of the factions which are played in game or their moddern reminiscences is forbidden.
  • Maintain a respectful behavior towards other players no matter where they’re from, or your personnal grief or hanger.
  • Respect mixity in languages : in-game, english is recommended, as spectator, please respect others speaking or move to another channel.
  • Respect mission makers and your side leaders while they speak during briefings

Rules of the game

  • No team kill on purpose
  • No shooting at respawn (please rebing G to 2xG for grenades)
  • Do not loot uniforms or radios
  • Planning a “lone wolf” action during initial plan is forbidden, except for recon and sniper units. We intend to play tactical games. A group is considered as such starting from 3 players.

Useful Tips

There are plenty of useful informations in map’s briefing tab Image

In-game   As Spectator  
[Home] WMT Menu [F1] Show A3 help
[F1] View distance preset 1 [F2] Statistics
[F2] View distance preset 2 [F3] WMT Menu
[F3] View distance preset 3 [L] lite a candy
[F4] Mute sound [U] Show bullet ray tracers
    [SPACE] If spectator has a unit focused it changes through the available camera modes
    [PAGE UP/DOWN] Adjust spectator view distance

(all those value can be configured in WMT Menu)