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When one participates to any WW2 Open Games, one agrees to respect those simple rules.

Rules of the game

  • No team kill on purpose
  • No shooting at respawn (please rebind G to 2xG for grenades)
  • Do not loot uniforms or radios
  • Do not reveal informations about the game to those who are still alive while you’re a spectator (aka ghosting)
  • Planning a “lone wolf” action during initial plan is forbidden, except for recon and sniper units. We intend to play tactical games. A group is considered as such starting from 3 players.

Well being rules

  • No insults.
  • No discrimination towards sex, age, gender, health status, social or geographical origin.
  • Support or diffuse the totalitarian ideology of the factions which are played in game or their moddern reminiscences is forbidden.
  • Maintain a respectful behavior towards other players no matter where they’re from, or your personnal grief or hanger.
  • Respect mixity in languages : in-game, english is recommended. It is the same as spectator so we can all enjoy watching together. In cas your don’t like it, you can mute other spectator (see Useful Tips bellow) or move to another channel.
  • Respect mission makers and your side leaders while they speak during briefings